Pat Trotter

born in the bronx

pat trotter

Anchored to Long Beach Island, N.J.

“While he is actually working, a photographer must reach a precise awareness of what he is trying to do.”
Henri Cartier Bresson
Henri Cartier-Bresson

I was born in The Bronx the daughter of an Air Force officer. We spent a lot of time moving from place to place and traveling and so now, in my work, I seek to invoke a sense of place. My inspiration has come from Dorothea Lange, Gregory Heisler, Dawoud Bey, Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, Stephen Shore, and others.

My photographic vision has been shaped partly by the extraordinary photographers with whom I have studied: Kurt Markus, Norman Mauskopf, Joe McNally, Raina Matar, Aline Smithson, Jason Langer, and David Turner.

A keen sense of adventure is part of my DNA and I love to travel and photograph the essence of people and places. In Africa that meant photographing wildlife as well as people – especially the elephants with whom I feel a special connection.

In 2022 I took a trip to Indian Country in the Dakotas and Colorado and focused on learning about the heritage of the Native Peoples. Visiting sites such as Wounded Knee and Standing Rock Reservation gave me a sense of the spirits whose stories are finally being told.

In March 2023 I made my fourth trip to Cuba, this time journeying through Baracoa and Santiago.

But it is in the Scottish Highlands where my soul now resides and I have begun work on a major project to photograph the history of the Lords of the Isles and publish a book about these medieval rulers and the land they inhabited.  The working book title is “In the Footsteps of the Lords” and publication is set for the end of 2024.  You can read about my Scotland and Cuba journeys on this website under journals.

Locally I photograph for the Surflight Theater and the Lighthouse International Film Festival.

"I believe there is always a story to tell."
Mary Ellen Mark