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Jersey Shore Project

The Jersey Shore project is a photographic look at the people who live and work along the New Jersey shore by Barnegat Bay from Point Pleasant Beach to Mystic Island.  Barnegat Bay is a lagoonal estuary roughly 45 miles long and 2-3 miles wide running from the Point Pleasant Canal in the north to Great Bay off Holgate in the south. Henry Hudson, in 1609, was the first Englishman to discover the bay.

Project Statement 

The Jersey Shore is as much a feeling as a physical place and this work seeks to personify the people who inhabit this world and give it a distinctive appeal. These are the people – oyster farmers, commercial fishermen, marina operators, surfers, – who are the essence of what it means to live and work on the Jersey Shore. These photographs give personality and energy and a sense of place to these essential inhabitants who exist in the shadow of the thousands of vacationers who reap the benefits of their work. This exploration has deepened my connection to the place I call home and provided me with a way to share this connection with others.  

“The bay gave to those people who worked there good times and bad times”.
Merce Ridgeway

the jersey shore project 

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