July 28, 2021

I was down at the inlet by 7:00 AM today as the Monica was due in between 7:30 and 8:00 AM and I didn’t want to miss her. I had pictures of her before she went to the shipyard to be worked on but when I showed them to Dan Mears, her owner, he said she looked so much better now with a new coat of paint! So, I waited for her to come in and took some photos of her and then stayed at the dock to photograph them packing out more tuna and swordfish. Tomorrow I will visit with Dan and his son, Danny who captains the boat to learn more about their work and ties to the fishing industry.

Time of Day

7:30 AM - Noon


Lighthouse Marina


Nikon Z7

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Theater Break

Quick break from editing Scotland photos and working on the book today.  The summer theater season


Heritage is important to the peoples of the Western Highlands and the descendants of Lords of

Revisiting Aros Castle

Going back through photos and searching out the ones relevant to the book project I couldn’t