May 18, 2023

The 5-day journey to Orkney and the North Coast came to an end today as we made our way back to Edinburgh. There was much more Scottish beauty to absorb. We stopped at the Corrieshalloch Gorge where we peered into  one of the most spectacular gorges of its type in Britain that provides striking evidence of how glacial meltwater can create deep gorges. We walked down a short steep path that brought us to a Victorian suspension bridge, where we gazed down over a series of crashing waterfalls. Detouring from the NC500 trails we then moved on to Black Water Falls which get their name from the peat colored water and are located through the undulating hillside of Garve. These are easily accessible from the road.  After that it was on to the Culloden Battlefield upon which the fate of the Highlands was altered forever.  One must appreciate the significance of this battle when standing upon the hallowed ground to get a real sense of how Scotland was forever changed. The visitors center is well done but it is walking the fields and noting the positions of the British and the English that gives one pause as to the importance of this event. You can feel the soldiers and Highlanders rushing across the bogs toward each other in a fierce attempt to preserve a way of life.  This was my second visit to Culloden and the only way I can represent it to take photos of the landscape.

The last stop was in Pitlochry, a charming town which is mostly a holiday destination.  Here one cannot leave without having a Edradour whisky ice cream cone! Absolutely to die for!  By 7:15 PM we were back in Edinburgh and the adventure had ended. Hats off to Rabbies Tours and our magnificent guide, Iain.

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