December 17, 2022

After our visit to the island we walked around a small fishing community photographing the people and place before climbing onto the dock and having lunch at a waterfront restaurant. There were no tourists in sight and we were totally engaged with the people and place. I watched as a fisherman repaired his net, which was tattered and worn making me wonder how it held any fish at all. We returned to our casas and later, after another amazing dinner, went out to do some night photography.  I came across a group of men watching a chess match under the streetlights. The players were incredibly serious about their match and used a timer.  Chess and dominoes were often seen being played on the street, always with onlookers cheering on their friends. There were surprisingly few people on the streets in town for a Saturday night which was a startling vision against massive, old colonial buildings. In a park near our casa there was music and food stands had been set up creating a gathering place for the people.

Time of Day

Afternoon and Evening


Cienfuegos, Cuba


Nikon Z9

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