October 10, 2022

It baffles me how people can still deny climate change and rising sea levels.  After hurricane Ian dumped 9 inches of rain on the island over a 3 day period and the ocean mercilessly ate away at the engineered dune this is how it looked at the end of my street.  The dune, which was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 2015 was high and wide but over the years has eroded and been washed away by high tides and wind.  I have photos documenting it in 2018 when we lost about 6-8 feet and an entire row of dune fence.  Our local government never did anything about it – no new fencing to help build the sand back up and minor sand dumps thinking, mistakenly, that this would alleviate the problem. This has unfortunately been the pattern as  successive nor’easters and high tides have continued to take more and more of the dune.  Now another old section of dune fence has been destroyed and another 6 feet of dune has collapsed into the ocean.  Yes, climate change is very real and we need to do more to combat it and mitigate against its effects.

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14th Street Beach, LBI


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