December 21, 2022

This last day in Havana started out with a walk through the streets of Old Havana looking for those special moments to capture the flavor of the city and its people.  The night before a few of us walked the mile to the historic Hotel Nacional for a drink in their iconic bar and contemplated the stories the old hotel could tell, especially about the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Lunch was in another great restaurant in the same part of the city before we headed off to a neighboring suburb which housed an enclave of Haitians who were going to perform some of their ritual dances for us.  Upon emerging from the vehicles we became witnesses to another world where we could experience a singular part of Cuban life tucked away along narrow unpaved alleys bordered by dilapidated houses.  As always, we were welcomed with the generous warmth and grace of our Cuban hosts. The dancing and singing took place on a small covered  area outside of the hut where their Voodoo altar was set up. It was indeed an honor to be able to experience a glimpse into this hidden culture.   Our day wound up with a celebratory end of trip dinner after stopping at Carlos’ house and reviewing photos submitted by the group.

Time of Day

Morning and Afternoon


Havana, Cuba


Nikon Z9

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