May 30, 2023

Heritage is important to the peoples of the Western Highlands and the descendants of Lords of the Isles hold their past close and embrace their history in a way that is both sacred and heartfelt.

Robin, Younger of Dunollie, is the current heir to the MacDougalls of Dunollie. He is involved in the day to day management of the lands of the castle and has a deep feeling for the land and his heritage. He carries around an iPad and pulls up the map of the current lands belonging to the castle, which are extensive.  He is the keeper of this history as well as steward of the land.

Angus MacDonald is a direct descendant of John of Islay, first Lord of the Isles.  History is his passion, especially the Jacobite period.

Fergie MacDonald is a Scottish icon and popular accordionist who specializes in ceilidh music.  Born Ferguson MacDonald, he descends from a direct line of Moidart MacDonalds Clanranalds. He is an indigenous Gael who speaks Gaelic and is steeped in Moidart culture and history. 

All three of these men have direct lines to the clans that made up the Lords of the Isles. One can only wonder what their ancestors would think of them.

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