May 2, 2023

Back in beautiful, magical Edinburgh, Scotland.  Staying at Hotel Ibis in St. Andrews Square. I like to stay in different places when I am traveling. This one is good, would stay here again. The real work on the book about the Lords of the Isles begins tomorrow when I head up to Oban and stop to visit Kllchurn Castle and then Ardchattan Priory. Today was spent traveling and then wandering around Edinburgh for the later afternoon.  So many things were familiar, I felt I had lived here. Staying in NewTown this time – well, “new” is a relative term isn’t it?  This part of Edinburgh was build up between 1787 and 1850 but compared to Old Town Edinburgh, which dates to the 1300’s and beyond, this is new.  The city was not as crowded as last summer when I was here, which was during Festival.  Still busy but in a much more relaxed way.  Weather this time of year in the 50’s, suspect it will be cooler in the Highlands. 

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Edinburgh, Scotland


Nikon Z9

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Theater Break

Quick break from editing Scotland photos and working on the book today.  The summer theater season


Heritage is important to the peoples of the Western Highlands and the descendants of Lords of

Revisiting Aros Castle

Going back through photos and searching out the ones relevant to the book project I couldn’t