March 20, 2021

First day of spring and what better place to be than down at the commercial fishing docks? Today I was planning to do environmental portraits. Captain Owen Smith was working on his boat, the Relentless, a 76’ steel scalloper that he bought in 2002. He told me their record haul for one trip was 44,000 pounds of scallops! It was great getting a chance to spend some time talking to this captain – and I told him I was going to be doing portraits of the captains. Maybe I should start with him since we now know each other! Also met another one of the maintenance guys from Viking Village, Bob. I told him I would be making photographs of him as the weeks rolled on – John is the other maintenance man I want to photograph. So far everyone remains pretty friendly! Kevin Wark, who is a commercial fisherman and also serves as a liaison between the commercial fisherman and the offshore wind company was also around the dock today. Kevin and I both are involved in the offshore wind discussion going on along the Jersey shore. He was instrumental in getting me hooked up with the fishermen and dock managers so I could have free rein to take pictures for my project. Every time I go hang out I meet someone new, learn something new, and even get some great pictures!!

Time of Day

Noon - 1:45 PM


Viking Village


Nikon Z7 24-70mm f/2.8

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