May 13, 2023

It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day in Edinburgh today and great for exploring.  My first stop was a terrific bookstore where I found two more books for research for my book on the Lord of the Isles.  Passed some kids on the bridge by Waverly Station playing music to earn money for a music camp. Next I wandered around a beautiful shopping mall before heading up to the Royal Mile and walking to the National Museum of Scotland.  Had hoped to find more info in the museum on the medieval period but sadly there was very little.  There was a reference to the Lords of the Isles and a replica of a grave slab (I saw many original slabs!!) and a claymore (sword) which was not as big as I had thought it would be.  In the afternoon I climbed Calton Hill and the view of the city was magnificent. It also offered a nice view of Holyrood Castle which I will walk to when I return from Orkney an d have another free day in Edinburgh. Used the iPhone for pictures and must say the quality is extraordinary! Tomorrow it’s off to Orkney via a stop in Inverness, one of my favorite cities. 

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Morning and Afternoon




Nikon Z7 and iPhone 14

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