May 4, 2023

After a hearty breakfast it was of to Dunollie castle of the Macdougall  Clan. Met Robin who is the heir to the clan chief and he showed us the extent of the land held by the family. Next stop was Temple Wood where there are a series of 3000 year old stone circles and standing stones.  The standing stones I the fields are marked with interesting cup hole, no one is quite sure of their meaning.  Crawled inside a 5000 year old burial cairn and was amazed at the construction of it.  Moved on to Dunadd Fort, which dates back to the time of the kingdom of Dalriada.  It was quite a climb to the top, narrow stone path and the wind was fierce, but it was well worth the climb.  At the Kilmartin Kirk we cast a studied eye on several medieval stone grave slabs.  The warriors of the time – it was the period of the Lords of the Isles – would commission the slabs before their death and they would be put over their graves upon death. The carvings are interesting and held meaning for each particular warrior. Last stop was Carnaserrie castle ,not one of the prettiest by far but interesting nonetheless. Clmbed up into the tower on narrow stone stairs that spiraled upward to each level.  Busy day and an exhausting one.

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Kilmartin GLen


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Theater Break

Quick break from editing Scotland photos and working on the book today.  The summer theater season


Heritage is important to the peoples of the Western Highlands and the descendants of Lords of

Revisiting Aros Castle

Going back through photos and searching out the ones relevant to the book project I couldn’t