May 5, 2023

Another busy day in the footsteps of the Lords of the Isles. Began by taking the ferry to Mull and driving over to Duart Castle which was restored 100 years ago after returning to the ownership of the original clan MacLean.  The MacLeans held Duart during the time of the lordship and were one of the most important vassals of the Lords of the Isles,  fought in their armies and were part of the council.  The first Charter of the lands of Duart is dated 1390 and was awarded to Lachlan Lubanach who married a daughter of the MacDonald Lord of the Isles.  The castle is currently occupied by Sir Lachlan MacLean, 28th Chief of Clan MacLean.

After Duart we made our way to the ruins of Aros castle. This was an important castle of the Lords of the Isles and was held directly by the MacDonalds rather than by a vassal such as the MacLeans of Duart. It held a strategic position on the Sound of Mull and was visible from Ardtornish Castle on the other side of the Sound. It was the scene of many dramatic moments in MacDonald history.

A photo bonus presented itself as we drove between the two castles – old boats beached on the shore.  The color and light was too good to pass up so the boats are presented in today’s photos as well. Tomorrow it’s on to Iona.

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Isle of Mull, Scotland


Nikon Z9

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