July 14, 2022

This was my first day in Scotland. Landed at Inverness Airport this morning and since my room at the hotel was not yet ready  decided to walk the city and take some photos.  My hotel sits overlooking the River Ness and the path left leads into a beautiful park area along the river.  There are several pedestrian bridges on which to cross the Ness so I wound my way back up the other side and into the commercial district. Many opportunities for some good street scenes presented themselves.  I went out armed with the Z7 and only a 35mm prime lens – results posted with this paragraph.  There are a lot of tourists here in Inverness and shops were busy.  After nearly 6 months of very healthy eating I splurged on a venison burger with chutney and a pint of Tennants Lager.  Since I hadn’t eaten all day I figured it was ok to cheat this once. For the most part the rain held off though it has remained cloudy all afternoon. Temperature was 15 °  celsius (59 ° Fahrenheit) when we landed so I was glad I had my jacket handy. Tomorrow I’ll see about photographing in a pub or two and will take a guided walking tour of the city and castle.

Time of Day

Early afternoon


Inverness, Scotland


Nikon Z7

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