July 19, 2022

This morning we said goody-bye to the beautiful Coul House and headed off to a visit to Trees for Life headquarters. In the heart of the Highlands sits Dundreggan, their  flagship example of rewilding in action.  The Trees for Life vision is one of a revitalized wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities got thrive. I had learned about them several months ago when doing my research for the Scotland trip and immediately became a supporter. Their approach is truly holistic, understanding the connection between all living things.  The Trees for Life mission is to rewild the Scottish Highlands by enabling the restoration of the globally unique Caledonian Forest which once covered much of Scotland. Their nursery is amazing – they are growing from seed many of the native trees that belong in that area of Scotland and then planting them.  Check out all of the info on rewilding Scotland through Trees For Life. It was a treat to be able to meet with the Trees For Life people – perhaps I can come back next summer and work in their new visitor center, let to open in March 2023.  Our guide, Simon, said he would swap houses with me and take care of the dogs! Might take him up on it!

After our visit to Trees for Life we stopped at a roadside lay-about and met up with a unique food truck that produced fabulous wood fired pizzas out of a Land Rover! We sat and ate our pizzas overlooking a beautiful little loch and were blessed with great weather.  We then headed to our next hotel stop, the Cluanie Inn.

Time of Day

Late morning


Dundreggan, Scotland


Nikon Z6II

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