July 20, 2022

Ancient stone structures called Brochs were the first target destination of the day. Dun Telve and Dun Troddan are two of the best preserved Brochs in Scotland and can be found in Glenelg. They date to the end of BC and beginning of AD and are thought to be places where the ancient people lived and built their communities. The structures are fascinating to see with the carefully laid stone forming a huge circular dwelling that at one time was roofed. That they survive to this day is absolutely amazing. It is astonishing to see the way the stones were carefully fitted together to support the huge structure. These two thousand year old stone structures date from the Iron Age, and it is estimated that at least seven hundred brochs once existed across Scotland. Huge windowless towers, ingeniously engineered, they represent the pinnacle of dry-stone wall building and remain one of the finest construction achievements of Iron Age Europe.

The landscape in this part of Scotland is truly stunning and at long last I felt I was seeing the Scotland I had come to see. The hills are stunning and for geologists this place is a dream!

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Glenelg, Scotland


Nikon Z7

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