July 21, 2021

Learned about something new this morning down at Viking Village. A scientist was removing one of the ear bones (otolith) from tilefish to be sent to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for study. Because these fish are meant for market the bone must be removed with surgical precision. The rings are counted like the rings of a tree and that gives you the age of the fish. There are 6 otoliths in the tilefish but only the large ones, when viewed under a microscope, can reveal the age of the fish. Scientists at Woods Hole use the data they collect to determine the health of the tilefish fishery among other things. This is all part of ensuring sustainable fishing.
Also found at the docks this morning was an enterprising young seagull who was pulling pieces of food from the scallop net on the Provider II. A couple of boats down 11 year old Ty Buttocovla, son of Chris who captains the Elizabeth, was fishing off the dock.

Time of Day

9:00 AM


Viking Village


Nikon Z6 II

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