July 24, 2022

A visit to the Corrimony Nature Reserve, a Caledonian forest restoration project, was made possible by our guide, Simon McLaughlin, who manages the reserve. This provided an opportunity to see and learn first-hand about forest restoration work in action. This particular reserve is a key area for black grouse which requires a mix of habitats to satisfy all their needs.  Corrimony offers them open moorland, woodland and boggy areas perfect for them to thrive. Many of the trees planted in the reserve over the last 20 years – about 100,000 of them –  come from Trees for Life, where we visited a few days ago. Corrimony is a vital link in the Caledonian pine forest network when taken in the wider context of Glen Affric, Glen Cannich and Glen Strathfarrar

Also on the reserve is a privately owned wind farm with 5 wind turbines.  Thus they have successfully married green energy with natural habitat restoration, a win-win situation for human and animal alike.

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Corrimony Nature Reserve, Scotland


Nikon Z6II

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