July 25, 2021

After spending some time at Viking Village as the Ms Manya was being packed out, I headed to the Lighthouse Marina where they were packing out tuna and swordfish from the Frances Anne, captained by Rick Mears. Chris Sprague was busy grading every fish that came off the boat before it was re-tagged and put into boxes for shipping. Chris cuts off the tails of the tuna and inserts a needle-like device into the fish to withdraw a sample of the meat. He then assigns a rating to it. Tuna has four grades: #1 (highest), #2+, #2, and #3, and 5 categories that the fish is judged on: initial appearance; size and shape; color; texture; and fat content.

Time of Day

11:00 am


Lighthouse Marina


Nikon z 6 II and Z7

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