July 27, 2022

Visited the Islay Woolen Mill on the way down the Rhinns and then headed to Kilchoman, Port Charlotte and Portnahaven. The weather has been cooperating as I travel around Islay allowing for some dramatic photos of this amazing landscape.  A mix of sun and clouds followed us all day and not one drop of rain fell! A walk on the beach at Machir Bay revealed fine grained white sand and smooth as glass water in the bay. The view back over the dunes presented a palette of rich green grasses and gray-black skies making for an awesome contrast.  In Portnahaven at the tip of the Rhinns of Islay one could look across the water to the northern part of Ireland – hard to fathom it is so close.  The town itself is a typical small village by the sea and was a great place for another stroll.

Time of Day



Rhinns of Islay


Nikon Z6II

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