July 29, 2021

My education about long lining continues as I spent a few hours back at Lighthouse Marina talking to Dan Mears, owner of the Monica and his son Danny who captains the boat. Danny explained that in the summer months when the ocean is warmer they can’t leave the hooked fish in the water very long. Almost as soon as they have set the gear, which stretches for about 25 miles, they begin hauling in the fish making for 20 hour days. In the fall they can leave the fish in the water longer. They bait the hooks with squid as the line is being played out. Once hauled into the boat the fish are put in the fish hold – there are 5 compartments on the Monica and the fish are carefully placed in them and iced down several times before a second layer of fish is added. Otherwise, explained Danny, the ice on the bottom layer melts and the quality of the bottom fish is compromised. So you can be sure that if your tuna has come off of the Monica or the Frances Anne it will be fresh and gently handled. After talking to Danny I went onboard the Monica and got to know McLain and Dustin as they were cleaning the boat. Everything is scrubbed down and disinfected – lots of Clorox! Rodney was in the fish hold making sure it was spotless and ready for the next catch.

Time of Day

11:00 AM


Lighthouse Marina


Nikon Z7

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