July 30, 2022

Springbank Distillery was not in my original plans when I was designing my trip to Scotland and my visits to distilleries on Islay.  In fact I had to alter my travel plans to add a trip to Campbeltown as I was encouraged by a friend to visit this particular distillery, especially as it was easy to get to from the ferry from Islay. I am so glad I did!.  After arriving on the ferry in Kennacraig we journeyed south on the Kintyre Peninsula to Campbeltown, home of Springbank. Some have described this distillery as a working museum as their process is very traditional and their machinery dates back as much as 8o years.  It is an apt metaphor as they sit on a site that first began whisky production in 1828 and which still inhabits buildings from that period. Springbank still practices the traditional and labor intensive floor malting process and is 100% a barley to bottling operation. I was able to walk through the malt floor which I had only seen in pictures. There were once more than 35 distilleries in Campbeltown and Springbank is one of only three still operating. Their whisky is distributed in 25 markets worldwide with the UK being their largest market and the U.S. their second largest market.  If you can find a bottle of Springbank you should latch on to it. They see up to 10,00 visitors per year and are definitely a distillery not to be missed if you are looking to experience the whisky culture while in Scotland.

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Campbelltown, Sotland


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