June 11, 2021

Quiet day at the docks but I only really went down to the north end of the island to catch the Virginia Lynn going out the inlet. This 86 foot steel full time scalloper is one I have not photographed too much so I was anxious to take some photos this morning. I checked on her at the docks before heading out to one of my favorite spots by the lighthouse to photograph. The day was cloudy – and in fact it was raining on the island in parts when I was driving to Barnegat Light. But there was some nice light on the inlet and the green of the boat really popped out! The crew knew I was taking pictures and they waved as they headed out. I’m not sure how long they will be out, most likely several days.

Time of Day

10:30 AM


Barnegat Inlet


Nikon Z 6 II

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