June 15, 2019

It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Kurt Markus – one of the most influential photographers I ever studied with.  Kurt, along with Norman Mauskopf, taught a workshop at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops  in April of 2019.  Kurt validated my work, encouraged me to photograph what I was happy with, and helped bring out my strengths as a photographer of people and their environments.   He validated my work and said “you are very good” – wow! Coming from such an extraordinary and well respected master gave me confidence to pursue my vision as a photographer.  I have never looked back.  Thank you Kurt! I am including two of my photos from the workshop that Kurt thought were very good as well as a photo of Kurt and Norman.

Time of Day

4:00 PM


N. Beach Haven


Nikon Z7

More Journals

Surfing LBI

Some days the ocean is just gorgeous and presenting the world with great waves for surfing! 

More Theater

Once again back in the theater photographing a new production.  This one is “Annie Warbucks” and

Something Rotten

Back to photographing at the Surflight Theater in Beach Haven, NJ.  The show is “Something Rotten”

Theater Break

Quick break from editing Scotland photos and working on the book today.  The summer theater season