June 3, 2022

In no time at all the Lighthouse International Film Festival was in full swing with films being shown at 4 locations.  I was assigned to the Surf City Firehouse where the shorts were being shown, plus one or two features.  The photos are taken in front of the “step and repeat” backdrop so called because we ask the filmmakers to step into the frame, get the photo and then the next one steps in!  So how to make these pics look fun and not just like mug shots? I try to get them to act a little crazy – and most of them are well aware of how to pose, they are entertainers after all!  I also take photos of them when they are doing the Q&A after their film and try to make sure the LIFF logo/sign is in the picture when possible.  These are a few of the photos I captured during the event – which, by the way, is considered one of the coolest film festivals in the country!

Time of Day



Surf City Firehouse



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