June 20, 2022

Show number 2 for the Surflight Theater season is The Adams Family so I was once again at dress rehearsal to capture the PR and archive photos for the company.  The lighting on this show made it especially difficult to photograph – lots of dark blue light at times which to the naked eye looked pretty neat but to the camera was something different. Same thing with the pink.   This week I cranked up the ISO to 5000 for some of the photos – lots of grain doing that but still managed to capture the action and staging of the show.  I am always amazed how the actors manage to be performing one show while rehearsing for the next one. These members of the Surflight troupe had just completed a nearly 3 week run of An American in Paris which was loaded with dance numbers. Exhausting to say the least.  Next time you go to the theater make your applause a little louder for these hard working professionals!

Time of Day

8:00 PM


Beach Haven, NJ


Z7 and Z6II

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