June 14, 2021

I headed down to the docks early this morning as I knew one of the boats was set to go out but didn’t know the time. Lucked out because two boats came in, the Bear and the Ms Manya so got some nice photos of them. I was able to take a great photo of Ms Manya with a fairly dramatic sky so that alone made the day. The Manya is a 65 foot steel scalloper captained by Pete Dolan who I am looking forward to interviewing as part of the project. He says he has lots of stories for me! The Manya had been out for 12 days. Bonus today was buying scallops that had just come off the Manya! The Lucky Thirteen headed out to sea around noon and also provided an opportunity for great photos.

Time of Day

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Barnegat Light


Nikon Z7 and Nikon D810

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