June 25, 2022

Great day for capturing pictures of my surfer friends, Sean and Jazzy.  It was mid-morning and the light was awful because it was behind them and reflecting off the water.  Since I don’t have many photos of women surfers this was a perfect opportunity having Jazzy there. I was using the extender on the 70-200 lens effectively making it a 400mm lens.  I’m still having issues with knowing which focus settings (in the limit AF-area mode selection) are the best for this kind of photography so experimented today with auto area AF and Dynamic area AF on the Nikon Z. Dynamic tends to wind up focusing on the wave breaking in front of the surfer and not the surfer as subject so will abandon that next time!  At least I managed a few decent images but will have to get out and practice more!

Time of Day

10:00 am





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