May 11, 2021

Just my luck – I went down to the beach to photograph a surf fisherman and he had just released a 47 inch striped bass that he had reeled in about 10 minutes before I arrived! The fish was measured and tagged and then released as it was larger than the allowable limit for it to be a keeper. I learned about the way in which these fishermen take great care not to harm the fish so it can be released back into the ocean. This was my first day making pictures of surf fishermen and there will be many more to come as part of the Jersey Shore Project. The early morning light is great over the ocean and makes possible some nice silhouettes. I’m looking forward to making photos at night and sunset as well.

Time of Day

7:30 AM


Long Beach Island, NJ


Nikon Z 6II. 24-70mm f/2.8

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