May 17, 2021

It was an absolutely perfect spring day and there was lots of activity on the docks at Viking Village. Captain George West was getting the dayboat scalloper Bear ready to head out and I was able to take some nice pictures of them going out the inlet. Captain Kevin Wark came in on his gill net boat, the Dana Christine II with a load of monkfish. He showed me one that was huge. You can see by the picture that they have huge mouths as well – fishermen call them “mother-in-law” fish! Two other scallopers, the Grand Larson III and the C.B. Keane were swapping out drags and the Blount was being readied to head out in the morning. Captain Rick Luedtke came in with his boat the Traveller II with his catch of the day while The Eaglett loaded up on ice and got ready to head out for tile fish. All in all it was a busy morning!

Time of Day

9 Am - Noon


Viking Village


Nikon Z7 24-70 MM F/2.8

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