July 7, 2022

It has been a rainy beach day here on LBI today.  Lifeguards did not come set up until after noon but had no people to guard. It keeps looking like it will clear up but so far just clouds.  The boulevard was somewhat flooded this morning but the water quickly receded.  The surfing instructors were out with their students off the 14th street beach in North Beach Haven. Lifeguards were trying to keep warm and out of the weather.  It was a good day to use my new camera rain jacket from ThinkTank and get comfortable with it.  The rain and wind in the Scottish Highlands can be daunting I’ve been told so I must be sure my gear is well protected. This new rain cover seems like it will be perfect.  Here are a few photos from the beach today that set the mood for a wet beach day.

Time of Day



Long Beach Township



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