July 17, 2022

This was moving day and time to join up with the Natural Habitat group.  I managed another 30 minute walk along the River Ness before being picked up. The weather remains partly sunny but now it is a bit warmer – 70 degrees – than it has been for the past few days. It is supposed to get even warmer in the next two days. We are staying at the beautiful old Coul House in Contin for the next two nights. The have a Fairy Garden with all sorts of whimsical structures and characters set along a path through the woods. You half expect a fairy to pop out at you at any moment.

There is a beautiful path up the road from the hotel which leads to the Contin Church.  Walking through the burial ground by the church, the path continues through fields of beautiful purple flowers. In fact, as in Inverness, flowers are everywhere, many of which I do not recall seeing in the states. It is a very peaceful place and perfect for resetting and getting ready for the adventurous days ahead. Afternoon tea at the hotel included a perfect scone with clotted cream and jam.  I could get used to this! I have managed to walk over 6 miles today so feel justified in having the scone and clotted cream! and of course a wee dram!

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Contin, Scotland


NIKON Z6II and Z76

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