October 7-10,2022

It’s like a sensual ballet of fragile wings floating, diving, soaring in an intricate dance. If you have never attended a kite festival put it on your bucket list – they are to be found all over the world. Serious fliers are a joy to watch as they sketch patterns in the air with their one, two and four line kites sometimes performing solo and other times working with as many as 10 or 12 fliers to create a dazzling spectacle of precision movements choreographed to music.  The past 3 days I spent photographing the kite festival here on Long Beach Island beginning with the indoor kite flying on Friday night before spending hours on the beach yesterday and today.  The sport is not easy to photograph, as I have discovered over the past two years and I try to concentrate on the fliers themselves.  It’s hard work putting the kites exactly where you want them in the sky at any given moment and the intense concentration required shows on their faces and in their body language.  Hopefully, this winter I will learn how to fly too!

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Ship Bottom, NJ


Nikon Z7 and Z6II

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