December 15, 2022

After having another marvelous lunch at a restaurant outside the city we popped into an elementary school. The lack of supplies was evident but that did not stop learning from happening. In the late afternoon we went to a small smoke-filled cafe and bar and had three young models to pose for us. We were conscious of the late afternoon light coming through the open door of the bar or the window and made use of it to create some environmental portraits. It is very noticeable that many people, especially the young people, smoke in Cuba. The bar was quiet and unless you were a local you probably wouldn’t notice it. Reminded of the old adage “never judge a book by its cover” that is exactly the way one should approach walking through the Cuban towns as behind the seemingly innocuous facade there will be a charming restaurant, bar, living room, etc. While much of life is lived in the streets as people go about their daily routines there is a rich indoor habitat that is mostly obscured from outsiders. We were so fortunate to be able to be taken into this hidden side of Cuba through our work with Santa Fe Photo Workshops

Time of Day

Late afternoon


Cafe/bar in Trinidad, Cuba


Nikon Z9

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