Pat Trotter

A Day In The Life

a photographic record of your day

Long Beach Island Boy On Beach

Have you ever wanted to have a photographic record of your day doing the things you love?

Just think, having your own personal photographer to document a day in your life. This is a perfect way to record a day leading up to a big event, an individual, or just to have family memories to cherish for years to come. Why settle for just a traditional family portrait?

Book a 3 hour photo shoot where you allow Pat to accompany you as you explore the beach, shop, spend time with friends, etc. You will be able to select up to 25 candid photos which will be presented to you in a 7 x 7 book of memories. $350.00

Book a 5-6 hour full day photo shoot as described above and select up to 45 candid photos to be presented in a 7 x 7 book of memories. $675

Other options available, including larger format memory books, hardcover memory books and traditional albums. Individual prints from the photo shoot will be available for purchase as downloads or standard lab prints suitable for framing. Custom packages also available to accommodate multiple-day shoots or additional locations.


the essence of the person

Female Cuban Cigar Smokers

I am an avid “people watcher” and photographing people is one of my specialties, especially when I have the opportunity to do environmental portraits. Photographing people in their personal surroundings really brings out the essence of the person in the photograph. Some of these can be candid pictures using available light, and some will make use of artificial lighting. I also very much enjoy doing character studies for my portraits and you will see these in a lot of the close-up portraits that I take like the women pictured with the cigar. You can also arrange for more formal portraits using plain backgrounds and a variety of studio lighting. Fees start at $100.

Documentary and Travel Photography

showing the human condition

Photography provides one of the best mediums I know to show the human condition. I love to become immersed in a story and use my skills as a photographer to tell that story. When photographing  I have the opportunity to observe many aspects of the same subject and knit together a broad photographic narrative.   My projects in 2022 will include photo and travel essays about Native Americans in the Dakotas and Colorado and the Scottish Highlands including a trek through Islay and the whiskey distilleries. I am available for documentary and travel assignments for periodicals, organizations, and businesses.